My process is an organic one that begins with meditating on a motif and translating it into a simplified visual idea.

In the current online era all subjects are popular (Pop) by virtue of their easy accessibility through media. This significant change in the visual landscape neutralizes a subject’s importance.when daubs of paint are multiplied will a new image be created? 

-       June 2017

Dan Pelonis uses playful and subversive themes in his pattern compositions; generating friction by merging history with modernity. Working within the Pop aesthetic Dan’s paintings explore the degradation and gradual abstraction of an image when repeatedly painted. The artist’s choice of subject matter and use of shadow combine to make works equally striking and thought provoking.

Born in Toronto and pursuing an MFA at the New York Academy of Art, he later worked as a studio assistant to Jeff Koons. A recipient of an Elizabeth Greenshields Grant, he as exhibited in North America and internationally.