On me...

I have all the requisite credentials of a contemporary artist.

On you...

Painting is exciting. I used to go to the MET and discreetly touch the Vermeers. 

To hold a painting, in it's perfect totality in your hands can be an exhilarating thing.

Painting is the complete indulgence of material and imagination for me. Buying it should be no different for you.


On the work...

I began looking at art as communication. The rows of hand painted motifs mirror something about how we communicate in the binary.

and how everything has been aggregated, too big to comprehend. But I'm still a painter, I like the feel and freedom of paint. The simplicity of it.


On pricing...

$550 is a fair price. It's completely accessible to you, and isn't high enough to influence my future works and repeat myself.

$750 is more expensive, but always worth it.

$1500 I've earned every penny.

$2500 Now we're talking.

I don't do commissions. There is plenty to choose from. If you don't see anything you like, just check back here and maybe I'm cooking something you do like.

Please don't ask me about different colors.

On returns...

gauranteed, of course. If you don't want it, I don't want you to have it.